Single Section Ball Picker

[Item No.]KRGD-006

[Color] green 

[Weight] 85kg

[Package] 1pc/roll then in carton, or pallet pack 

[Port] Yantian,China 

Product Description

Ideal for lighter ball picking jobs and those hard to reach areas. The Picker’s ability to back up and turn out of corners increase its productivity while it saves your time.

Picking up the ball is relatively light and flexible, suitable for complex modeling, large slope of the driving range Course.

Match with steel basket, surface dip plastic treatment will not hurt the ball, beauty and durable.

Lane: 32

Picking Width: 1.5 M

Capacity: 1050 balls

Weight:85 kg

Car power:Accumulator car, Gasoline car

Basket size:L490xW270xH  (Front)140xH(back)280mm