2018 (10th) TangXia Golf Expo

As the development of Chinese golf industry bellwether of the golf association of guangdong province and dongguan city golf association, dongguan golf supplies industry association jointly organized 2018 tangxia golf fair (hereinafter referred to as “tangxia grace”), is scheduled for November 22 to 25 in following pond dragon plaza and mission hills dongguan club, two assembly with a total area of about 21000 square meters, a total of 650 booths, up to now the booth reservation has more than eighty percent,At that time, there will also be golf industry development BBS, “tangxia cup” junior golf open, “tangxia gao bohui” golf invitational tournament and other events.

Eight  exhibition areas are set up,one  for golf products equipments area,Second, golf famous brand area;Third, the golf apparel and apparel area;Fourth, simulator exhibition area and trial area;Fifth is the golf boutique area;Six is youth education and play area;Seven is the comprehensive leisure area;Eight is peripheral necessary exhibition area.This year, 60% of the booths in the main venue are specially equipped, and the exhibition will be significantly upgraded.The main venue is mainly occupied by golf simulator, golf apparel, youth golf products, golf equipment and other enterprises.

On November 22, the 10th Golf Expro will be grandly opened in tangxia. The golf industry at home and abroad will gather in tangxia again. Let’s look forward to the opening of the 10th anniversary of tangxia gaobo conference and witness the new chapter of the development of China’s golf industry!